5th International Conference on Science and Sustainable Development (ICSSD 2021)

Theme: Advances In Sustainable Science & Technology

(Solution to the 21st Century Challenges)

Date: October 11 – 13, 2021

Venue: Centre for Research, Innovation and Discovery, Canaan Land, Ota, Nigeria

We invite you to participate in the 5th International Conference on Science and Sustainable Development and Workshop. The conference will provide an international forum for Experts, Researchers, Industrialists, Scholars, Students, etc. in the fields of Science, Engineering, Social Sciences, and related fields in relation to sustainability to present their findings. Executives from Industries, Research Institutes, and Educational Bodies can share and publicize their research works, developmental activities, and innovations that are inline with the theme of the conference. Furthermore, this conference will bring together global thought leaders and innovators to discuss real-world issues, tackle intricate problems and find novel enabling solutions by synthesizing the concept of sustainability in science, technology and research.

One of the maor highlights of this years’s conference is the introduction of Workshop/Training. The aim of the Workshop is to empower young researchers with the needed skills in the area of data processing and data analysis for modern research. Experts in the modelling and simulation will train participants on the use of softwares such as MATLAB, Statistical Pakage for Social Sciences (SPSS) and Geographic Information System. This 2-day Workshop/Training will come up between 8th and 9th October,  2021 at the training venue in Centre for Research, Innovation and Discovery, Covenant University, Ota.

Call for Papers

The aim of ICSSD 2021 is to provide an excellent opportunity for the young researchers and academics to expose their works to international scrutiny, receive feedback from peers from different parts of the world, gain from the vast experience and expertise of the leaders in the field of research and to open up the scope for new research collaborations among the international, national community of participants and invited delegates.

Only original and previously unpublished work on a range of topics related to the conference sub-theme will be accepted. The conference welcomes paper submissions from researchers, practitioners, academia and students, and will cover myriad tracks in the field of Science, Engineering, Social Sciences as well as interdisciplinary research and applications.